Masterproef Spaces of Transition

Robert Hovhannisyan

Master Architectuur
2022 — 2023

 Spaces of Transition 

 Mario Rinke
Robbe Pacquée

Masterproef Spaces of Transition


Architecture is an artform that intertwines with our daily lives, shaping our experiences and influencing our well-being. It possesses the power to transform spaces into reflections of culture and functionality. But this cannot be done without Human appropriation. By appropriating spaces, people assert their identity and foster community engagement. The flow of pathways, and the integration of gathering spaces play an important role in facilitating this interaction and social cohesion.

With this in mind, an innovative mixed-use building was designed within the Tour and Taxis site. Positioned adjacent to an urban park on one side and a square on the other, the structure manifests as two front-facing buildings that engage with these public spaces. Connecting these fronts are twolower volumes, collectively forming a cohesive building enveloping a central courtyard.

The building consists of a primary concrete skeleton structure, divided into three distinct sections: the plinth, middle portion, and upper segment. This architectural system exhibits a gradual densification as it ascends. Spanning the entire width of the building, this structure allows for a flexible and open floor plan, ensuring remarkable adaptability to accommodate diverse functions both in the present and the future.

At the heart of the building lies the courtyard, serving as a gathering place for its various occupants. To enhance circulation across different levels, a secondary steel structure was erected surrounding the courtyard. This lightweight steel framework offers increased flexibility, enabling potential modifications in the future. The width of the structure not only facilitates circulation but also creates an inviting outdoor space. Consequently, the building boasts multiple layers of meeting areas, fostering various types of interactions.


Robert Hovhannisyan​