Koen van der Beek

Master Productontwikkeling
2022 — 2023


 Kristof Vaes
Sam Smedts



TACSEE is a solution to make non-tactile controls controllable for people with visual impairments. The starting point of the project is the induction hob. Due to the wide variety of brands and models, there is almost no uniformity within the spectrum of touch panels. TACSEE makes it possible to create a custom-made tool for every type of device according to the user’s wishes.

A person with a visual impairment must be able to place and store the tool independently. By using magnets, positioning the tool on the induction hob is simplified. A holder with magnets is placed on the counter top.

The tool also includes magnets, which allow the tool to be positioned accurately. In addition to auditory feedback, tactile feedback is the most commonly used form for people with visual impairments to communicate. Induction hobs use auditory feedback, but because the controls are incorporated into the plate, there is no shape variation.

TACSEE has developed a tactile design language that converts flat touch keys into tactile touch keys. The touch keys are converted to tactile icons and these are connected by a tactile guide.

Due to the great variety in control panels, each tool is personally built and produced. Induction hobs often have the same touch controls, but with a different layout or orientation. An architecture has been developed to create tools that are different in layout, but built from the same elements. The tools are produced with a 3D printer and are made of flexible filament.


Koen van der Beek